Course Review Committee

Course Review Committee

Each year, the CRC provides a venue for fruitful, thought-provoking conversations and collaborations among faculty who teach in the composition program, which is nearly all members of the English department faculty. The CRC is our way of ensuring that faculty governance provides direction to the program as a whole. Faculty teaching in the Composition program during AY 2020-21 are eligible to serve on the CRC.

Plans for 2020-21

The 2019-20 CRC ​focused on reading deeply in scholarship focused on issues of equity in composition courses. This coming year we will continue our work by drafting a redesigned curriculum structure for Eng 12 (and, ultimately, Eng 24, but we will start with Eng 12). Eventually our goal is to redesign the curricula for both courses, but it might be too ambitious to think that we would get to both courses in one year. Our redesign of the Eng 12 curriculum will be informed by our equity-focused reading and discussions last year as well as by our growing knowledge of different, more contemporary, approaches to composition courses that reflect modern composing, reading, and rhetorical practices.

Participation in the CRC is entirely voluntary, and preference will be given to faculty who have not served on the CRC before or haven’t served recently. In addition, we try to select a CRC each year that mirrors, as best as possible, the percentages of full-time and part-time faculty who actually teach these courses. That said, please do not hesitate to let me know you are interested in serving this year even if you DID serve on the CRC recently. I will simply collect names over the course of August and will contact faculty in the first week of September to confirm their place on this year’s committee.

Our work this academic year will include the following; all of these projects will be done in ways that help us draft a curriculum redesign for Eng 12:

  • Approximately 5 synchronous meetings per semester (fall/spring).  These meetings will be a mix of small and large group formats.
  • Designing a “Spring Research Project” for your own section of Eng 12 or 24.
  • Participating in your choice of fall collaboration with your CRC colleagues. The three options offered this year are: cross-marking a set of papers (lots of variations on this are possible); designing a shared curriculum, activity, or assignment; and class intervisitation. We’ll offer more details on these options to those who would like to join the CRC.
  • Convening during finals week this fall with other CRC members to reflect on insights from the fall semester and set an agenda for their work in the spring.
  • During the Spring term, the CRC does not require class-level collaboration, which leaves us time to focus fully on advancing our learning and piloting new approaches to Eng 12.

Providing that our CUE budget request is granted, we should a budget that will cover a total of 20 faculty. FT faculty will receive .5 credit hours per semester (1 credit per year) for full CRC participation; PT faculty will receive the equivalent in NTA hours — 12.5 NTA hours per semester (25 per year).

If you participate voluntarily in collaborative portfolio assessment (CPA) for Eng 12, you are still eligible to serve on the CRC and will be compensated at the higher rate for CRC instead of (not in addition to) the 6 hours for portfolio groups. Along with your usual portfolio meetings, you will join the other CRC members for large format meetings.​

We hope you’ll join us this year and help us continue the important work of reimagining our Composition program!


All best,

Annie, Jackie, Lesley, and Rachel

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