Eng 24 Best Research Essay Contest

Each year, the Composition program invites faculty teaching Eng 24 to submit excellent student research essays for inclusion in this contest.  In the Spring, the Course Review Committee and other members of the English Department faculty meet and work to select three winning essays.  These student writers and their teachers are honored at the English Department’s Spring breakfast celebration.  We include several winning essays from past years here to inspire faculty and students to strive for excellence in their research writing.

2019 “Social Advancement from Poverty”

2019 “How Food Justice Impacts Low-Income Neighborhoods”

2018 “Building a Community the Land Trusts”

2018 “Educational Inequality”

2018 “Asperger’s Syndrome The Struggles of Cognitive Development”

2017 “Refugee Limbo: How Low Can We Go?”

2017 “Terrorism: Crime or Duty?”

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