English 12 General Resources

Mission Statement

The Composition Program at Kingsborough proceeds from the belief that extensive critical reading and writing prepare students for future literacy requirements not only in college and the workplace but also in our democratic society at large. It is through writing thesis-driven essays—the most common form of written argumentation and knowledge-making in college—that we push students to discover, articulate, and redefine their thinking. Further, it is only by understanding the ideas and perspectives of others—writers and peers—that we come to fully formulate our own positions. Thus critical reading, peer review, and revision are vital components of the writing process.

Course Description

English 12 is an introductory course in critical reading and writing emphasizing the development and communication of ideas in written form and a basic rhetorical understanding of how language communicates facts, ideas, and attitudes.  After passing English 12, students must take English 24.


Please see below for our current recommended curriculum structure and a template that lists items that should be included in your course syllabus. We are also providing a few sample syllabi and capstone assignments that instructors have shared.  For resources on online instruction, please see the “Online Writing Instruction” tab in the menu above.

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